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Export marketing after Brexit – cause for concern?

As an exporting nation Britain has traditionally dealt with ups and downs of global trade – from storms, wars, political instability, currency crashes and more – business people have rolled up their sleeves and got on with the task.

Markets are made up of people that want to sell goods and services and those who want to buy. Politicians may try to help, or quite often get in the way.

Here are a collection of inputs from respected sources:

UK will emerge from Brexit just fine, it’s Europe that’s in trouble – CNBC (subscription)

CNBC (subscription)UK will emerge from Brexit just fine, it’s Europe that’s in troubleCNBC (subscription)With its 89.3 billion euro worth of exports to the U.K. last year, Britain is Germany’s third-largest export market, after the U.S. and France. W …

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Ben Thompson

Tue Jun 28 09:22:11 +0000 2016

UK is Germany’s 3rd biggest export market worth $98bn/year. What happens after Brexit? @BBCNews @BBCBusiness https://t.co/qQOOHosvtc

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Post-Brexit, India to seek PTA with Britain – 02/07/2016.

India intends to begin negotiations with Britain for signing a Preferential Treatment Agreement (PTA) for duty-free garment export after the country voted to leave the European Union.

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