Jump-start the creative energy in your business. Workshops for creativity and innovation

jumpstart creativity and innovationNo business stands still – if it’s not growing it’s dying.  We need to be innovating – products, services, processes or customer relationships. Innovation is not an option – it’s critical for a healthy, growing business.

The good news is, you have all the creative energy in your business already. All you need is to unleash it and direct it.

We have three great solutions to help you not only generate new ideas, but to build an innovative business able to sustainably create new and profitable products and processes time after time.

The Innovation Leader.

Aimed at owners, entrepreneurs and senior managers. This is a tailored solution for innovation leadership. It will help you understand the innovation process as it applies to your business so you can create the environment to stimulate a constant stream of new ideas.
The programme covers:

  • Understanding creativity and innovation
  • The innovation review
  • Techniques and approaches for idea generation
  • Managing creativity, design and concepts
  • Building a sustainable innovation culture

Programmes from only £400 + VAT.

The Innovator

Aimed at individuals and teams who want to move their innovation activity up to a new level.
The one-day workshop covers:

  • Understanding the innovation process
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Running innovation workshops
  • Secrets of the master innovators

Only £400 + VAT per course (up to 12 delegates).

The Generator

Aimed at individuals and teams who have specific projects for which they require innovative solutions. Tailored creative workshops to generate ideas and results for your business.
Each one-day workshop will help:

  • Identify objectives, issues and opportunities
  • Understand processes
  • Generate ideas
  • Analyse concepts generated
  • Turn ideas into solutions through, selection, development and commercialisation

Only £400 + VAT per workshop.

Creativity taster workshopsCheck out our FREE creativity and innovation taster workshops – Learn more.

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