Bringing the strands together – the big three of marketing

The three marketing disciplines that are essential for modern business. Digital, international and branding. Bring these three strands together and you have a powerful combination to deliver market success.

Bringing the strands togetherDigital

There was a time when we used to talk about ‘new media’. Today, it’s no longer new but an essential and integral part of the new marketing mix. It’s not a panacea, but as a tool it can deliver results where traditional media struggles. We have been working in digital marketing since the earliest days and set up one of the first interactive specialists outside London. We have been developing and sharpening our skills ever since to provide measurable results.


Even the smallest player can do business in a global arena – which is great for you, but it also means the competition is fierce at home and abroad. We’ve been helping companies do business in international markets for over 25 years. As well as taking on your export projects and making sure they succeed, we also help with training programmes and mentoring so all your people are prepared for international effectiveness.

Brand Focus

It’s all about the brand. We believe the brand should be at the heart of all marketing effort – it’s why you are here and your brand should become one of your most valuable business assets.

Bringing the three strands together means applying digital tools to build profitable brands to compete and succeed in international markets. It’s what we do well… we believe very well.

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