What’s the big idea?

Creativity in marketing is not just about striking design or cleverly crafted copy. It’s more fundamental. It’s about approaches and thinking.

Great ideas are not the preserve of any particular individuals, they may come from people in management, finance, sales, operations – in fact, the more diverse the process and individuals involved, the more likely an original solution will emerge.

The spark may come from anywhere – our job is to identify, facilitate, nurture and use our expertise build it into a marketing project that delivers.

Our approach is holistic and inclusive – we encourage client teams to engage and interact with marketing people.

It’s all too easy to pull a tried-and-tested idea off the shelf, but we believe that truly creative solutions will always punch above their weight and deliver more value.

What is concept marketing?

Concept marketing involves developing a creative approach based around one fundamental idea – one that encapsulates many strands and aspects of a project’s objectives. The concept must be simple enough to embody core values while focusing on real results.

This isn’t just about advertising – concept marketing is about fundamentals. It’s about innovative ways of satisfying customers’ needs and wants.

This approach draws heavily upon emotional attachments and engagement, and as such is people-focused. Importantly the concept must be ‘campaignable’ or as we say, it must have the ‘legs’ to weave its way through a wide variety of applications.

The bottom line.

Ideas are sparky and fun – but we don’t allow ourselves to get carried away. We ground concepts in measurable results – ‘If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.’

Let’s talk about creating some great ideas and putting them to work for you