Your business offer needs to be compelling – one which your prospect cannot refuse.

You can build a great business pitch if you focus on Five essential elements.

1. Clarity

Make sure your offer is clear, simple and understandable. Avoid complexity. Bear in mind what makes your offer different and special. You want to stand out from the crowd. Remember you want to make an offer which can’t be refused – not one which can’t be understood.

2. Benefit

I’m sure you’ve heard this before – but that’s because it is so important. You must present a clear benefit your customer will gain from using your product or service.

Don’t confuse features with benefits. A customer does not buy a car because it has a 1.4 lean-burn engine – she buys it because it will save her money.

Identify the benefit and shout it loud.

3. Evidence

Once you have claimed a benefit, give the evidence to support it. If you are talking about a car’s fuel economy, give the data. Perhaps you are talking about your great customer service – tell how long your clients have been with you or the fact you now have zero complaints. If your product or service is so good – prove it.

4. A caution

What will be the outcome if your prospect does not go with your offer? This not about scaring or threatening, but if there is a clear benefit to using your product or service, there must be a flip-side. So, perhaps not making the economic car choice may mean heightened running costs so the customer may have to make economies elsewhere.

5. Call to action

If you have made such a compelling case your prospect must be salivating at the prospect of purchasing so don’t make the error of missing this vital component. No matter how good your business offer, the old adage: ‘If you don’t ask – you don’t get’, is still true.

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