Why global marketing?

Why not?  The world is a big place – if you can sell your product or service in one market, you can probably sell it in many others. Here are just a few reasons why you should have export firmly on your agenda:

  • Market saturation. Look long term. At some point market growth will become difficult in your home market. You may even become a victim of your own success. Establish a foothold in markets abroad now.
  • Seasonality. Buying times change and seasons change – but, global markets have different seasonalities. Operating global helps iron out peaks and troughs.
  • Competitive positioning. Being active in export markets gives you advantages over your competitors and says a lot about your business.
  • Opportunities for premium pricing. What you are selling in your home market may not be unique but may be seen as special and different in other countries and allow you to demand higher prices.
  • Greater and smoother revenue streams. As with seasonality, revenue from customers has peaks and troughs – more customers in more markets means more peaks and greater profit protection against market downturns.

How can One-Marketing help?

One Marketing has years of experience in international markets and for the last six years has been delivering workshops for United Kingdom Trade and Investment.

  • We can help you develop your business proposition and make sure your product or service is ready for international markets.
  • We will help in selecting which markets will be most profitable and easiest to access.
  • Choosing the right route to market and selecting the right partners are crucial decisions we can help with.
  • We can research the markets for you and kick start your entry programme.
  • Above all we can provide that extra resource and expertise to make your international business happen – and quickly.

Download the Free Export Route Map chart.