Tigerfruit Web Development

Why we launched our web development division

We give our clients what they ask for. It’s what marketing is all about – and they want web development.

One Marketing is a broad-based consultancy with a focus on brand based marketing communications. However, thanks to our history in web-development, we are regularly referred by past clients to help new ones with site design, creation and management.

A wise old ad-man once said: ‘Nobody buys a range – they buy a product or service’.

We simply wanted to make things simpler for our clients and clarify our offer.

So we took Tigerfruit, a brand we had long used for specific web projects and decided to develop our site capabilities. We have developed strong strategic relationships with talented individuals and companies. This allows Tigerfruit to concentrate on web development alongside our proven One Marketing offering.

Visit the new Tigerfruit site and take a look.

Oh, and thank you guys at TF for the quick and stylish makeover to the One Marketing site.

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