“Teach a man to fish…”, as the old saying goes – and there is no better way to develop businesses than by developing people. We can help you get the most of your business by harnessing, developing and making the most the talent and ability inside your organization.

  • Key Director Coaching – entrepreneurs and business owners have to wear many hats, some fit comfortably, others less so. We can provide specific, tailored mentoring particularly in developing marketing and communications disciplines.
  • New Manager Skills – increasingly, companies are recruiting from the graduate pool and while the recruits may have excellent specialist skills and abilities they may need to come up to speed in general management rapidly. The same is true for newly promoted managers from operational positions. We can help fast-track them in the core management disciplines.
  • Communications, presentations and relationships – there is nothing more true than the adage that people buy from people. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, to present the business persuasively and develop human relationships is still vital even in this electronic age. We can help develop these skills by increasing your understanding of the people you are dealing with and the transactions and interactions you engage in.
  • International Marketing – for over five years we have been delivering workshops in export marketing to SME’s across the country. We can help coach your people to succeed in export markets.
  • Branding and brand development – one of our key specialisms. Understanding your brands, developing their strengths and maximising their value is simply looking after your most valuable assets. We can help your people understand how brands work, the difference between weak and strong brands, and develop the skills to make yours punch above their weight in a competitive marketplace.

We won’t force you into an off-the-shelf solution. All our training and coaching is tailor-made to your specific needs. Just contact us and we will put together a proposal to deliver the outcomes you want.

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